I'm Brooke, I like coffee and collarbones
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Stay single until someone actually complements your life in a way that makes it better not to be single. If not, it’s not worth it.

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Megan Galante

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Bitch!!! Lmfao
That’s me! I’m Calling SWAT, Fire Marshall, Coast Guard!

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*forgets what im talking about halfway through a sentence*

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This is beautiful

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Anonymous: how often do you have sex?


How often is your dad “working late”?

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I’m not angry anymore. Well, sometimes I am. I don’t think badly of you. Well, sometimes I do. It depends on the day, the extent of all my worthless rage. I’m not angry anymore. I’m not bitter anymore, I’m syrupy sweet. I rot your teeth down to their core, if I’m really happy. Depends on the day. If I wake up in a giddy haze. Well, I’m not angry, I’m not totally angry. I’m not all that angry anymore.

- I’m Not Angry, Paramore.

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I just wanna be so hot that I can do all sorts of crazy fucked up shit to boys and they just take it bc I’m “damaged” and “art isn’t supposed to be nice it’s supposed to make you feel something”

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This guy in my class likes to think he’s the only one who knows about tumblr
When a girl messed up her presentation he literally held up a drawn star that said ‘you tried’ and said to me “you probably won’t get it it’s an Internet thing.”

please say you slapped him

im just gonna keep reblogging this until he finds it

hes here somewhere

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